Run It Back Gaming Roster

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Gumby Jones

Dojo Master/Owner

Hey guys! Im Gumby J, Dad, Husband, Laser Tag Champion, IT Professional. I started Run It Back Gaming to change the narrative that professional gaming has to be done a specific way. Let me help manage where your journey goes next!



FGC Player/Captain

Im a bum who has yet to provide gumby with a proper bio. So this is a place holder until I get him one. Come by my twitch page and grief me until I provide it to him.


Blakk Sensei

FGC Player/Captain

Yo! I'm Sensei and I play a fighting games and action rpgs for the most part. Adventure games are my jam as well too! So if you love those kind of games, you're in the right place! Looking for a coach to get better a fighter? I'm your guy! Hope you guys enjoy the content you see here!



FPS Player/Captain

My name is Davin but I go by Lum0s. I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember and gaming has always been an outlet for me whether it was to make friends or escape problems in the "real" world. I'm typically really good at connecting with most people so don't be shy and always be yourself. All witches and wizards are welcome! My goal: Be a content creator for a mid to bigger sized organization. Remember, nothing is impossible. I'm all about good vibes and good times. (with the occasional high quality rage) I hope you guys will follow me on this journey. Mischief Managed



FGC Player - Tekken

I’m Shawnie aka KDC, I play a lot of Apex but Tekken 7 is my main game when I step out to compete, wanna find out more about me? follow me on twitch and let’s get to know each other!



FGC Player - Tekken

Hello! My name is Carlos, i go by the name Carlito6120 and i am currently 26 years old. I am an avid Tekken player that started playing competitively around 2016 with Tekken Tag 2. I also love to play RPG games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts and am also an aspiring streamer for some time in the future. I hope you will join me in all my fun adventures.

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FGC Player - MK

Waddup player! I'm a gamer and hip-hop artist by the name of Paris Stephan (also known as Sonic Soulkid). I mostly am known for playing Mortal Kombat and Tekken 7, but also dabble in others! I'm all about spreading love through music and video games, and I hope to share that experience with my viewers as well! Below you will find uploads of video game footage and music from me and a few close friends!



FGC Player

God bless! My name is Devoted, SSBU player and aspiring content creator, specifically in music and art. I've been playing Smash Ultimate for 2 years and have been grinding ever since. My goal is to be a top Smash Ultimate player in my region and make my way up to national status. With my character choice, style of play and the content expected to be put out, I look to overcome the odds, represent my city well and make it far in the Smash scene.



FGC Player

hi my name is Danny :). My favorite game is mortal kombat 11 and I'm an erron black and sub-zero main. I also used to play for honor a lot and was top 1% for a few seasons. my favorite thing about fighting games is learning every single character.

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FPS Player

Hello, my name is Lance, I'm 23, been gaming for as long as i could remember! I'm very competitive (mainly fps games and or BRs) but like to have fun as well. I take gaming very serious at times but, like i said, still like to have fun. I'm looking to build an amazing and supportive community to call my own!



FGC Player

Hello I am PeskyPeel, the main game I play to compete is Super Smash Bros Ultimate and I main Diddy Kong. My tag comes from the fact that I have been told by others that I play in a frustrating way in fighting games, like you're always trying to avoid slipping on a banana peel while playing against me. Diddy Kong also happens to use a banana peel. I am married and study religion in academia



FGC Player

Ay, name's Ocelot. I'm a huge FGC head who grew up in arcades of old. Been part of the FGC for nearly 30 years. Street Fighter is my soul and helped me break out of my shell and brought many friendships my way. I owe everything to the FGC for shaping me into who I am. Love to get down in Tekken and all other fighting games. I'm on Twitch as well, during downtime. Always chill and open to conversation and meeting new people. Fight for the future!



FPS Player

hey what’s up! Im teknq (technique) and I mainly play fps shooters but enjoy myself a good survival game from time to time. I have more of a competitively casual playstyle. Recognizing when there is a time to joke around with the squad or when its time to work. I mainly play Apex Legends and Call of Duty/Warzone currently. I like to think that practice makes progress because nothings perfect. I play MnK but haven’t forgotten my controller roots. I live in Western North Carolina (Hendersonville) currently with my wife where we moved from Monroe, NC a few years ago.

chain salt.jpg


FGC Player

I am chain_salt. Degenerate alisa player, and a family man. I mod arcade sticks, and do cool projects with them. I rep new jersey, but play in the iron phist philly scene. I weeb out to jrpgs sometimes. I believe in the journey. Enjoy every step along your journey and progress and improvement will come naturally. This is my mantra. Now play me in some tekken and see why my name is chain_salt.

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FGC Player

Hey there! I'm MachoMan and I play King in Tekken. I play other games as well, but Tekken is my favorite fighter so far. I'm always on the path to improve myself and pushing past my limits. Sounds cliché, but when it happens, it feels great! I love meeting new people through gaming and seeing new scenes. I hope I'll be able to do more and reach new audiences in my journey. So be sure to stick around!



FPS Player

Hi I'm aggro aka Trent. I pretty much play every type of game out there but my main genre is fps. my go to games right now are apex and rb6 siege. I'm a very sweaty person when it comes to games but I also like to joke around with the boys! To find out more about me, follow me on twitch!